Special Edition Extra Small Tapestry Tool Rolls

Extra small rolls are great for crochet hooks, leather stamps and other small tools. They come with 12 full size pockets and 2 spacers. 

Choose from 2 colorful tapestry cloths, pastels in primarily pink and green or brights in primarily red.

Our standard dual sided rolls are best for large collections. Pockets are arranged on both sides of the roll. Slip your handle into the pocket and the business end of your tool rests between the two opposite pockets. This keeps tools from contacting one another. Not only are your tools easy to identify, they'll never cut through the bottom of a pocket. The alternating design makes for even rolling. Once you've rolled it up, your tools will ride safe and secure, unable to slip out as they are nested.

Extra Small Roll, 8 Inch, 12 Pocket

Pockets are 3" deep (7.5 cm) x 1.5" wide (3.8 cm)

Red Tapestry
Pink Tapestry

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