Turkey Call Striker Roll in Camouflage Canvas, Half Size Tool Roll

This is a variation on our standard double-sided tool rolls. The same width as a large (10", 25 cm) but with 8 pockets instead of 16. Pockets are 4" deep (10 cm) x 2.5" wide (6 cm)
Made from durable 12 oz. canvas in grey/green camo, it is the perfect roll to hold your turkey call strikers and other hunting paraphernalia. Even large folding knives are right at home!
Paracord tie is looped through a grommet for easy replacement

Untreated canvas may not be as trendy as waxed, but it does have its benefits.
Completely washable
Canvas is naturally water repellant once wetted the first time, but also breathes to keep moisture from clinging to your tools.
Soft natural fibers will never damage your tools, nor leave residue

Also, you can certainly treat your roll with hand waxing or a product like CanVak if you work in a wet environment.

Designed, cut & sewn in Montana by Roxy

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