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Restoration 2: Eisenberg Ice Crescent Moon Brooch

Eisenberg Ice crescent brooch before restoning
I'm sure that my love of Eisenberg jewelry is obvious at this point! That's why I hate to see thse luscious old pieces suffer the bane of rhinestone jewelry, foil damage. 
This example is a later piece, circa the late 60s, early 70s. As you can see the company was still making classic mid century style jewels. Prong set stones, rhodium plating on smooth backs, and of course high quality crystal. This was a rarity even by the mid 60s, as many companies used cheaper production methods and the highly textured back had become a common sight.

Without proper care, even the best quality stones don't stand a chance against degradation. Perfumes, hair products, and humid storage all play a part in the foil separating from the stone, and once it has begun, it will continue to get worse until the stone eventually looks black. The only recourse in that situation is restoning, as refoiling is labor intensive and often less than perfect.

Eisenberg Ice Crescent brooch after restoning
Inspired by that classic song "Blue Moon" I felt that this particular moon needed a blend of deep Montana sapphire blue and golden topaz to live again. 

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Enjoy a process video below, be advised it does take some time to load. 

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