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Jewelry History and More

Common Myths About Washing Rhinestones

Common Myths About Washing Rhinestones
So often in vintage jewelry groups I hear people say that you should never get your rhinestone jewelry wet.  This just isn't true. The card above ...

Restoration 14: The Sea Shell Dress Clip

Sea shell dress clip
I highlight my favorite new shade of gree: Chrysolite.

Restoration 13: An Empty Frame

Empty pot metal brooch frame
One of those times when a restoration felt almost silly, but ended up looking great.

Restoration 12: The Firecracker Brooch

Firecracker brooch before restoration
This construction technique is called rivet and swedge. Swedges came in a variety of shapes and sizes and several could be attached together with rivets to form the most fantastical pieces. This was a common way of making jewelry with cold connections (no solder) and it reached its nadir in the 50s and 60s. You'll see a lot of atomic starburst brooches and earrings made this way, as well as flowers, and in this case, a bouquet.

Restoration 11: The Big Pot Metal Flower

Large pot metal flower brooch before restoration
As found, foil damage and old yellow glue The late 30s through the early 50s saw an appreciation for oversized brooches and clips. Large figural...

Restoration 10: Pennino Convertible Brooch with Dress Clips

Convertible brooch with dress clips before restoration
A brief history of convertible brooches with a focus on Pennino Brothers of New York. This Italian immigrant family became one of the most prestigious houses in America's costume jewelry pantheon.

Restoration 9: Pot Metal Bird of Paradise

Large pot metal bird brooch partway through restoration
A large pot metal bird of paradise needs my help, let's see how it goes!

Restoration 8: Eisenberg

Eisenberg brooch before restoration
Another day, another yellowed Eisenberg. You can see that some of the large stones have quite a bit of foil damage, the tips of the navettes and ...

Restoration 7: Eisenberg Yet Again!

Eisenberg brooch before restoration
An Eisenberg brooch gets a makeover, from drab to FAB!

What I Love About Dress Clips, and Restoration #6

Floral dress clip before restoration
Let's talk about the accessory you've never heard of, the versatile dress clip!

Restoration 5: The Starfish

Starfish brooch before restoration
The peacock customer was so pleased with the work that they sent me this enormous starfish next. They are writing a jewelry book and this is for ...

Restoration 4: A Custom Restone, the Pastel Easter Peacock

Peacock brooch before restoning
A custom restoning job for a collector in PA.