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Restoration 13: An Empty Frame

Empty pot metal brooch frame
I find sometimes that my zeal to save each and every piece of vintage costume jewelry that I come across means I put in a lot of work on something that most people would view as junk. This little frame was one of those instances. 
A simple little pot metal brooch with yellowed stones, it was missing the focal stone in the middle. It was an odd shape and I wasn't sure if I'd find anythign to fit it. Imagine my joy when I discovered a carnelian glass insert that was exactly right. 
Then came the work.

The stones in this frame were beadset, meaning that instead of glue or prongs, there was a small bead of metal that overlapped one edge of each stone. That meant using my pin vice to crush each stone and chip them out. Then going around the cup to push away the bead so a new stone could be set. 

Despite how ridiculous I felt a few times, I pormised myself that it would be worth it. 
When I finished, I knew it was.

Frame brooch with new stones and glass centerpiece

You can watch a video of the repair process below, it does take a moment to load. 

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