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About us

Clint and Roxy at Jackson Hot Springs Lodge

Howdy, we are Clint & Roxy
We live in Wisdom, a community of 100 people in the Big Hole Valley in Southwest Montana. We like to joke that Wisdom's motto should be 70 Miles from Anywhere! 
We have access on all sides to gorgeous mountain ranges, national forest, lakes, creeks (pronounced "cricks") and of course the Big Hole River itself runs just outside of town. We're based out of our 900 square foot house, built in 1900.

We met nearly 20 years ago in a recording studio. We were both session musicians on an album of Buddhist rounds for children (long story).
A few years later we decided to team up and started a new band. We did the bar scene, swore off ever playing New Year's Eve again, and got paid bupkes. Then we got on with a national touring bowling tournament, as the souvenir video and photo managers. We lived in Knoxville, TN and Reno, NV before returning to Montana in 2007.
Clint retired due to illness in 2009, and Roxy started work as an industrial seamstress that same year. It was shortly after that that we became full time makers. We have been selling online since 2008.

Pioneer mountains in winter

Running a small handcrafted business wasn't our only challenge. We soon discovered that living in a remote area with very long winters presented its own set of obstacles. Step by step, we learned how to build a pantry, how to do the laundry old style, and how to grow food crops with limited space and a short growing season. It is our hope that sharing what we've learned can help other people to live more simple, fulfilling lives. 

We love what we do. We love where we live. Every day is an exciting new adventure, and we can't wait to see what the future brings.

Old Wisdom, Montana
There's our house in the foreground, on the righthand side of the street. This photo was taken from the roof of the old school.


Watch us on Montana PBS below!



Roxy La Feevers

 Roxy has been an industrial seamstress since 2009. She worked on the tents featured in the recent "Lone Ranger" film while on staff as lead seamstress at Reliable Tent & Tipi. She worked as the edger at Red Oxx Mfg, adding bags and other accessories to her repertoire. Her tool rolls have been featured on the ABC show "Forever", and she has made custom pieces for Huckberry, Furls Crochet, Shwoods Eyewear, ToxicNatos and Spark Worldwide. She finally got her new shop finished in 2016, and now offers basic repairs to the population of the Big Hole Valley and surrounding areas, as well as continuing to produce her best selling tool rolls, watch rolls, and pastry cloths for our customers around the world. Her newest endeavor is the restoration and curation of vintage costume jewelry "Reborn by Roxy", an old passion she has just rediscovered. We're proud to showcase her work on our website for the first time.


Brook Trout 
Clint has carried a knife in one form or another since he was a young boy, including his ten years as a law enforcement officer. He has been a woodworker for many years, his interest in making knives was piqued when he finally got a shop of his own in 2013. Today his knives have traveled to new homes all over the US. His leatherwork continues to evolve as the need for new sheaths is never-ending. He is hoping soon to start making his own wood carving knives, to add to his already impressive body of work. 


Kim with stained glass


Kim has worked with Roxy since 2010. She has also worked for Reliable Tent & Tipi and Red Oxx Mfg. Kim is our go-to girl for sturdy and beautiful totes. We've been so happy to share her quality work with our customers since 2015.



Candace Sheets

Candace creates our beautiful embroidered patches and we're excited to have her join our team! Candace was born and raised in Wyoming. She currently works as a CNC machinist, which is where she learned attention to detail. Several years ago she decided to take a quilting class, which led to an embroidery class to learn to make custom quilt labels. During the class she purchased her first embroidery machine, and soon after began getting requests for custom embroidery work. In March of 2019 SCL Creations was founded with the goal of providing affordable, high quality embroidery work.