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Restoration 4: A Custom Restone, the Pastel Easter Peacock

Peacock brooch before restoning

I was contacted online by someone who was interested in having a brooch restoned, would I be interested? Oh yes! 
They sent me a photo and short video discussing what they liked (the large aqua baguettes) and describing their vision for the rest. Pastel Easter peacock was the chosen theme, lots of pink and green please, and let's keep the baguettes.

I adore large figurals, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work on such an unusual piece. Someone had replaced two of the dark blue navettes with clear ovals that pushed the sides of the cups out, so my first job was to remove them and gently reshape the cups with my rosary pliers. Then came the long process of removing all the other stones, one by one, and replacing them with new in the chosen colors. I opted for lighter shades of pink and green on the tips of the tail to compliment the aqua baguettes. 

Peacock brooch after restoning

My customer was delighted with the result, as was I!

You can watch the video documenting the change below, it does take a minute to load.

@dameroxy My first custom piece was a hit, hooray! #rebornbyroxy #vintage #vintagerhinestones #vintagecostumejewelry #costumejewelry #restoration #sparkle #vintagebrooch ♬ Easter Parade

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