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Restoration 10: Pennino Convertible Brooch with Dress Clips

Convertibel brooch with dress clips before restoration
They go my many names, Coro had Duettes, Trifari had Clip Mates, but most convertible brooch/dress clip combos were unattributed. These fascinating pieces comprised two dress or fur clips that snapped onto a frame so they could be worn together as a brooch, or separately as you liked. 
They had dynamics shapes, some incorporating figurals, tremblers, even jeweled frames that could be worn alone. Most were like this one, simple symmetrical jeweled clips.

Back of Pennino convertible dress clips/brooch

The patent numbers on this particular clip are registered to Oreste Pennino, of Pennino Brothers Jewelry. The Pennino Family were from Naples, Italy, where they were master jewelers. Oreste and his father immigrated to Brooklyn, New York in 1904. In 1926 the 3 brothers created their own company, with Oreste (Otto) as the only designer. The company is still considered one of the best costume jewelry companies in America's history, peaking in the 1940s. They shut down sometime in the early 60s.

Like many of the pieces that come to me, this one was in excellent shape with the exception of the stones, which had yellowed due to age. I decided to stay fairly traditional in my restone, simply adding a touch of color. 

Pennino dress clips after restoration
Restored Pennino brooch/dress clips

You can watch the video of the restoration process below, it does take a minute to load. 

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