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Restoration 11: The Big Pot Metal Flower

Large pot metal flower brooch before restoration
As found, foil damage and old yellow glue
The late 30s through the early 50s saw an appreciation for oversized brooches and clips. Large figurals and flowers were all the rage. During WWII costume companies were hampered by metal rationing and used sterling instead. While those silver pieces are quite sought after today I still have a soft spot in my heart for the pot metal versions. Apparently I am not the only one. It is becoming more and more difficult to find these unless they are in poor condition. Luckily in my case condition makes no difference!

Back of large pot metal flower brooch
The smooth back and two piece pin are a mark of quality
  This flower showed lots of wear, had yellowed stones from old glue and the Czech glass stones of the petals had lost most of their foil. I not only gave it new color, I polished the pot metal to a gleaming shine on the front to really make it pop again. 
Now complete and ready to wear. I love this combination of hyacinth orange and chrysolite green.
large pot metal brooch after restoration
You can watch a video of the restoration process below, it may take a moment to load. 

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