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What I Love About Dress Clips, and Restoration #6

Many people aren't familiar with dress clips, but they were all the rage from the 20s to the 50s. After WWI fashion became lighter, less stuffy, and people were ready for a touch of whimsy or sparkle added in any way possible.  
Sold in pairs or as singles, they would be clipped onto the neckline to add interest. They could also be added to a hat band or clipped into the breast pocket of a smart suit jacket. I wear them clipped to a headband or with a chain run through the top of the clip as a pendant also. 
If you are very lucky you may find a pair that attach to a frame to be worn together as a brooch. These convertible pieces are known as Duettes as made by Coro, or Clip Mates as made by Trifari, but many many other designers made convertible clip/brooch sets. 
While they faded from popularity in the 50s as brooches became ascendant, these versatile accessories are making a comeback, and I'm all for it!

Carole Lombard wearing a pair of dress clips
Carole Lombard wearing a pair of dress clips on her collar
A pair of dress clips worn at either side of the neck
A pair was often worn
on either side to add drama without a necklace.
A single dress clip is the focus of this plunging neckline
A single dress clip is the focus of this plunging neckline.

A simple hinged clip with teeth to grip the cloth keeps your clip from sliding. The clips had tension built in to prevent them popping open. 
Back of floral dress clip
This clip was in pretty bad shape!
Dress clip before

Look at what was hiding under all that glue!
Floral dress clip after restoration
After a plunge in the acetone all the yellowed glue is gone, and all that was left was to set fresh stones. I opted for hyacinth and topaz. 

You can watch a video of the restoration below, it does take a minute to load. 
@dameroxy A simple repair today, always nice to start with a blank canvas. #rebornbyroxy #vintagecostumejewelry #restoration #satisfying ♬ It Could Happen To You

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