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Restoration 3: Eisenberg Ribbon Brooch

Eisenberg brooch before restoning Back of Eisenberg brooch

Like so many lovely pieces from the 50s and 60s, this brooch suffered from foil damage and had started to lose its icing stones. Alas, glue doesn't last forever, and once glued stones start to go, the rest will follow in quick succession. Often just a light tap with my hatpin and they fall right out. 

After thoroughly cleaning the cast channels with acetone to remove the rest of the glue I added all new crystals. The prong set stones also needed a freshen, and I chose shades of Montana sapphire and denim blue. 

Eisenberg ribbon brooch after restoning, blue

You can watch video highlights of the restoning process below, the video does take a moment to load. 

@dameroxy Another Eisenberg that gets to live again. #rebornbyroxy #hbarncraftworks #eisenbergjewelry #vintage #vintagecostumejewelry #midcenturystyle #jewelryrestoration #processvideo ♬ Bye Bye Country Boy Album Version

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