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Everything you need to know about your new H bar N product!

canvas chef knife rolls

Untreated Canvas and Fabric Items

Your canvas tool roll can last a lifetime with proper care. Remove the leather tie before washing. We recommend machine washing in COLD water for best results. Dry flat or hang, or use the low heat setting and tumble dry. Never use the high heat (cotton) setting on your dryer as it is very hard on the fabric and will cause warping and shrinking.

If you need a water resistant roll you may treat your canvas items with CanVak or wax. Just be aware that you will not be able to wash them. Treated items can be wiped clean and retreated as needed.

Waxed Canvas

Never launder waxed canvas goods, just wipe then clean with a damp cloth. Your canvas can be rewaxed as needed. Martexin makes hand wax in a compact tin that works well. Remember too that your waxed canvas will have a crinkly look that will increase with age. This is normal.


Pastry cloth

Pastry cloths

These should be washed before use, but do not use soap. As with tool rolls, wash in cold and hang. Your pastry cloth should be fully inundated with flour before you use it, just rub it in! After use, scrape off any excess dough, take it outside and give it a few good snaps to dislodge any other bits and pieces, then fold it and store it in a plastic bag in the freezer.

leather tool roll

Leather Items

Regular maintenance of your leather goods will insure they stay looking and feeling good! 

The first rule to remember is NEVER use products designed for shoes on your leather. They are silicone based and will clog the pores, your items will degrade quickly (remember the painted girl in "Goldfinger?" clogged pores are BAD!) Water based leather lotion is the best way to keep your leather supple and to work away blemishes. 

Oil tanned leather items are magically self healing to most minor scrapes and nicks. Simply rubbing the area with your finger will take care of most marks. Applying neetsfoot oil to the entire surface occasionally may be necessary if the item sees hard use. Do test an inconspicuous area as it may darken the color.

Suede has its own special needs. A suede brush will help keep your suede looking fluffy and is useful after cleaning to make it look new again. Suede & nubuck cleansers and conditioners are specially formulated for these types of leathers and will clean and protect.

Custom Montana made hunting knife


Each knife is unique, you will receive a care card with the correct angle for sharpening and what your sheath has been finished with.

The most important thing to remember is that Clint's knives are made with natural woods and should never be soaked or put into a dishwasher. For best results, wipe your knife clean after use, and make sure it is dry.

Some metals require extra care, like high carbon steel. Your steel will be indicated on your care card. Non-stainless knives benefit from a light coating of oil or car wax to keep rust at bay.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have further questions. We design things for the long haul, and want to make sure you enjoy them to the fullest!