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Today's Culinary Revelation

Fermented Giardiniera, Keep Summer All Winter Long

Fermented Giardiniera, Keep Summer All Winter Long

Most people are very familiar with Giardiniera from the brightly colored jars available next to the pickles in their supermarket. While I can't blame anyone for wanting the simplicity of readymade foods, fermenting your own at home is not only healthier, but a world different in terms of taste.

Fermentation lends a natural pickle flavor without the vinegar. Now that I've been eating fermented foods for a while, I find most vinegar based pickles taste of vinegar and very little else! This ferment also can be as spicy or tame as you like, based on your ingredients. This recipe doesn't include hot peppers, but you can certainly add some. 

Giardiniera is a great way to keep summer alive well into winter. Serve alone as a relish, or top a salad of simple greens with it, no dressing needed.